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Basic Account Information

Basic Aircraft Information
Aircraft Tailnumber
Aircraft Type
Aircraft Serial Number
Aircraft's previous Tail number
Aircraft's Callsigns

Section 2 - Flight Dept Contacts (Flight Crew, Maintenance, Dispatch) *
Contact details for Flgiht Crew, Maintenance and Dispatch
Contact details for Flgiht Crew, Maintenance and Dispatch
Contact details for Flgiht Crew, Maintenance and Dispatch
Contact details for Flgiht Crew, Maintenance and Dispatch

Section 3 - Subscription and Login

Select one subscription below

Premium Worldwide
Premium Regional - Eastern
Premium Regional - Western
Essential Worldwide
Essential Regional - Eastern
Essential Regional - Western

Select Additional Annual Plans

Flight Sentinel (availible with Premium Package only)
Datalink Weather Graphics Package
Satellite Datalink Package
XM Weather
WINN Internet (WINNView™ software on EFB/PC)

Section 4 - Movement Report and Email Messaging

Takeoff and Landing Reports
Send automated takeoff and landing reports receiving from datalink aircraft to the following email address(es)

Email Messaging
To setup email message codes, please provide a list of authorized email addresses and associated codes.
Example: OPS -
Enter OPS in the FMS create message page and the email will be automatically forwarded. An email sent to the aircraft from would be approved by our system and uplinked automatically. The email format to send to the aircraft is (i.e.


5.1 Datalink Avionics5.1 Datalink Avionics
Honeywell AFIS™ DMU
Honeywell EPIC® CMF
Honeywell CMU Mark 2
Honeywell CMU Mark 3
Universal UniLink® CMU UL-60x
Universal UniLink® CMU UL-70x
Teledyne TeleLink® RMU
Rockwell Collins CMU-/DLM-900
Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21™ CMU-/RIU-4000
Airbus ATSU
5.2 Satellite Avionics


True North
ACARS Short Burst Data IMEI
Satellite Voice Service Provider


Aero-H Satcom
Aero-H+ Satcom
Aero-I Satcom
AERO-C SDCS - SCU (Thrane & Thrane) Serial Number

Please forward a copy of the Aircraft Registration Certificate for Aero C SATAFIS

NONE (no satellite equipment connected for datalink / cockpit ACARS)
5.3 Flight Management System (FMS) Avionics
Software Version / Cert Level

Section 6 - Air Traffic Services Registration
Register for Pre-Departure Clearance Delivery (PDC) United States airports only No
Register for Eastbound Oceanic Clearance Delivery (OCD - North America to Europe) No
Register for Westbound Oceanic Clearance Delivery (ORCA - Europe to North America) No
Register Callsign(s) in addition to Registration Tail:

If YES, please initial that you have read, understood and agree to the operational procedures and expectations as published at

Section 7 - Graphical WeatherDatalink (ACARS)
Primus Epic WINN
Rockwell Collins ProLine 21

Section 8 - Navigation Database Information

For information regarding Epic Standard, NZ, GNS, BRH Coverage Areas, Pricing, or any navigation database question please email or call (602) 365-3099, option 2, option 2.

For information regarding Honeywell/Jeppesen Integrated Navigation Data Services (INDS) on Gulfstream G350/G450/G550, Dassault F2000EX, F900DX/LX, F7X, Pilatus PC-12NG, Cessna Sovereign and Hawker 4000 with Charts and Maps option, please contact Jeppesen INDS Nav Database Service:

Within the U.S. 1-888-309-7555 Option 1
Outside the U.S. 303-328-6948 Option 1

Section 9 - Confirmation / SITA Service Provider Authorization / Transfer RequestAdditional Comments
3.2 Service Agreement
I have read and agreed. I represent and warrant that all of the statements made by me are true and correct and have been made by me in order to allow Satcom1 to grant credit to me; and I further present that no suits, judgement, or legal claims of any kind are now pending against me. I hereby give permission for my billing details to be provided to the agent. I authorise Satcom1 to order credit reports from reporting agencies in considering this application and later in connection with an update, removal or extension of credit. This agreement shall not become binding on Satcom1 until accepted and approved by Satcom1.
I accept the Terms and Conditions of Honeywell MSA

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