Swift64 was released in 2002, and provides aircraft’s with 64kbps per channel using Inmarsat i3 Satellites – which is considered plenty of bandwidth for services such as flight planning, weather and chart updates. It is possible to bond up to 4 channels which provides throughput of up to 256kbps and this can be increased further through data compression techniques and acceleration. The core acceleration technique is know as Expand technology or branded as AeroX. Satcom1 supplies still to this data acceleration via Expand/Aero-X or with a brand new acceleration protocol to reach as much as 400% improvement.

For a better experience in browsing the internet, watching IPTV, or streaming videos for example from YouTube, an upgrade to a SwiftBroadband solution is recommended. Satcom1 consultancy engineering team can assist with an upgrade design. Swiftbroadband is cheaper to use, more efficient in data handling and you pay per usage only, whereas with Swift64 you are paying per minute and need the onboard network to be turned on at all times to receive and send emails, hence more expensive.

Current hardware manufactures for Swift64 are; Cobham, Honeywell and Rockwell Collins.

Swift64 Overview
  • Capable of providing 4x 64kbps when bonding channels
  • Swift 64 offers ISDN and packet-data
  • Global Coverage except the polar regions
  • Enables a range of Cockpit and Cabin services such as basic Internet and Emails
  • Compliant with ICAO safety requirements
  • Compliant with government encryption and standards such as STU-IIIb and STE, Taclane, KIV-7 and Brent