Cabin Billing


Cabin Billing is a cost control solution to help the operator avoid unexpected expenses with the Internet on board your Aircraft. It is similar to connecting to the internet at hotels and airports. Cabin Billing works on all aircrafts equipped with an active Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB) system registered with Satcom1. No additional hardware modification or STC is required, which makes the solution available at minimum risk and cost.

After the user connects to the Aircraft’s WiFi hotspot via their laptop, tablet or mobile device, they will be directed to a captive portal screen. They will then be required to register or log in with a pre-existing account and purchase a package which is open to customization by the operator before hand.

Credit Card Payment

After selecting the desired Internet package, the user will be redirected to a secure payment provider, and after successfully completing the transaction, an invoice is generated and emailed to the email the account is registered to.

Satcom1 uses a secure payment provider when a Credit Card is used to pay for a data package.

The user can now simply hit the Connect button and enjoy using the internet.


Satcom1 also provides a Voucher service for Cabin Billing. Instead of having to register an account and pay via Credit Card, it is possible to pre-purchase vouchers with a specified MB allowance. The user then simply enters the voucher code, and is able to connect to the internet.

You can see an example of Internet Access Voucher which enables you to use 100MB of data below:
cabin billing
It is possible to personalize the Voucher with your own logo and layout.