Alpha Star and Satcom1 join forces to provide the best world-class in-flight connectivity onboard VVIP aircraft

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Alpha Star Aviation Services has chosen Satcom1 as a long-term satellite communications service provider for their entire fleet

Alpha Star Aviation Services of Saudi Arabia has signed an official long-term partnership contract with Satcom1 – satellite communications service provider, specializing in delivering airtime, software and consultancy services to VVIP, Head-of-State and military aircraft.

The contract is a result of a successful relationship that Alpha Star and Satcom1 have had since 2009, providing high-speed internet, voice, software and consultancy services to wide-body Alpha Star’s VVIP aircraft. The partnership has been formalized in order to bring the latest, fastest, and most advanced satcom technologies to the Alpha Star fleet.

Alpha Star CEO, Salem Al Muzaini and Satcom1 CEO, Henrik Zinck – shaking hands after the official signing ceremony

Alpha Star CEO, Salem Al Muzaini and Satcom1 CEO, Henrik Zinck – shaking hands after the official signing ceremony

“Alpha Star main purpose is to meet and exceed its clients’ expectations and needs, we look forward to update the aircrafts solutions especially with latest technologies so that our clients enjoy luxurious experience with Alpha Star art communication standards. We have built a successful business relationship with Satcom1 services and support for years. It is my great pleasure to re-confirm our trust in Satcom1 and I am looking forward to see this cooperation growing. We strongly believe we chose the right partner, who shares the same values and approach when it comes to servicing VVIPs“ – comments, Alpha Star’s CEO, Salem Al Muzaini.

Satcom1 was founded from extensive first-hand experience in aeronautical satellite communications and aeronautical field support. Today, Satcom1 continues to innovate through a strong R&D department located in Le Bourget Paris business airport, France.

“Many satcom providers today broaden themselves so much that they forget to inspire the aeronautical segment with innovation or with bringing new technologies or solutions to market. Satcom1 concentrates on providing unique aero solutions for both cabin and the cockpit. We believe our customers and partners benefit from this business focus” – states Karina Larsen, Co-founder and VP Partnerships.

Satcom1’s R&D department is constantly working on solutions that will enhance the user experience on board aircraft, especially when it comes to bandwidth – so that the passengers will be able to enjoy video streaming, live TV, high-speed internet, video conferences and “office-inthe-sky” features while flying. According to the contract that has been signed between both parties, Alpha Star fleet will benefit from the latest technology developments moving forward as well as will be supported technically when it comes to airborne network design and technical engineering support.

“Satcom1 is extremely honored to partner with Alpha Star. Our services are tailor made and strongly focused on VVIP segment. Customers are our absolute priority and their needs and expectations shape our business portfolio. We will make sure that we continue our efforts when it comes to innovation and a highly-skilled and proactive customer service in order to bring the best connectivity experience to all Alpha Star’s aircraft.” – says Satcom1’s CEO, Henrik Zinck.

Alpha Star CEO, Salem Al Muzaini and Satcom1 CEO, Henrik Zinck officially signing a contract at the MEBA show 2014.