Partner Feature: AES


Description: The company AES GMBH is located in Bremen, Germany and have for years been a strong supplier of hardware to the German aero market. In 2010, AES decided to be a supplier of AvioIP Swiftbroadband functionality and later added also Satcom1 aggregation and acceleration features. The hardware is a combined IPBX with router functionality and Satcom1 proprietary aggregation. It has already been installed on B767 and also coming on a B747. Features are listed below and where to buy can be found here.

Tech Specs:

– SwiftBroadband, Swift64 (Internet and Email) Support
– Support for Special Equipment (Conferencing Systems)
– Advanced User Management System
– Acceleration and Compression
– SBB Channel Aggregation
– KU Band Ready
– Removable Configuration Module (TCM3606)
– Ethernet: Up to 10 x LAN ports, Up to 4 x WAN ports
– Configurable: 8 x Inputs, 8 x Outputs
– Dimensions: 360 x 126 x 195 [mm] (14.2 x 5.0 x 7.7 [in])
– Power Consumption: 300 VA (115VAC / 400 Hz)
– Touchscreen Based Display

Find out more about AES IPX3606 here.