Partner Feature: ICG

Partner Feature: ICG’s New eRouter – Advanced Routing Solutions for a Connected and Integrated Aircraft

Product: ICG eRouter (ERT-120)
Description: An advanced and scalable unit supporting Inmarsat Swift Broadband (SBB) and GX, Ku/Ka, VSAT, Iridium-Iridium NEXT, Terrestrial and other networks.
Launched: Q2 2014

Tech Specs: eRouter
• Dimensions LxWxH: 305x216x95 mm (12×8.5×3.8 in)
• Weight: 2.7kg (6 lbs)
• Certifications: DO-160F (A4) / DO-178B Level E
• Power Consumption: < 20 watts at 28VDC • Connectors: 128 Pin Connectors (Qty 2) • Configurable Wi-Fi Access Point & Client Mode • 3G/4G-LTE GSM • (7 Ea.) Ethernet LAN Ports • (4 Ea.) Ethernet WAN Ports • (4 Ea.) Serial WAN Ports (RS-232) • (12 Inputs/12 Outputs) Isolated I/O Discretes • 10GB file storageICG’s eRouter provides airborne connectivity for Smart phones, passenger PCs, Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs), and other IP devices and offers many features found in a typical corporate office networks.Utilizing satellite or GSM connectivity for Internet and Intranet access, ICG’s new eRouter can be configured as a Wireless Access Point (AP) for providing Wi-Fi client devices use of available satellite or GSM based internet services as well as aircraft local area network access. Alternatively, it can be configured as a client to connect to ground based wireless networks while on the tarmac.The eRouter’s modular architecture provides easy expandability and reduces product costs by offering an operator only those services they might currently require. It is designed with upgrades and future and emerging requirements in mind and provides an excellent opportunity to consolidate multiple, existing products into a single unit. The ICG eRouter product family has been designed within a single footprint concept that provides scalable functionality and upgrade options with limited impact to installation as their needs grow and missions change.