Satcom1 shows off satellite communications capabilities for Chinese market

Denmark-based satellite communications service provider Satcom1 is currently putting on a show of its satcom capabilities in China, one of its fastest growing markets.
The large intermediate-gain and high-gain satellite antennas offered by Satcom1 enable high-speed communication between aircraft and satellites aboard government, military, and VVIP aircraft and large-cabin business jets
Satcom1 configures and supports satellite communications equipment, sets up airtime services and billing, and taps its very own in-flight services and software to offer value-added capabilities to its customers. The Company offers the capability to aggregate extreme/high-gain satellite channels on Inmarsat SwiftBroadband satellite broadband systems. This delivers nearly double the peak speeds to VVIP customers and those who can afford the $35 per minute cost. A similar but cheaper service that bonds standard SwiftBroadband channels is also in the works for cost-conscious business jet operators.
Satcom1 and its business partner MCN can activate satellite communications services for Chinese aircraft thanks to a legal agreement with the Chinese government.