Satcom1’s AvioIP software suite breaks the maximum speed of 1.5 MB/s by combining dual Swiftbroadband Aggregation and Acceleration technology on the Legacy 600

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Satcom1 brings the browsing experience onboard to another level thanks to AvioIP software suite installed on EMTEQ’s Router by eConnect™

Satcom1′s AvioIP router software application suite has been installed on corporate, VVIP, and Head-of-State aircraft providing the passengers with true “office-in-the-sky” features delivering high-speed and high-quality VIP user experience since 2005.

Yet, another installation of AvioIP suite took place in Prague, Czech Republic on the 5th of May 2014. This was the industry’s first ever installation of 4 Inmarsat Swiftbroadband channels running on Cobham SATCOM SDU-7330 hardware unit onto a Legacy 600, approved under EASA with FAA and TCAA validations.

During SATCOM performance tests on the aircraft, the crew and ALAMO engineering team confirmed that during multiple SATCOM sessions, they have been able to achieve a steady data speed between 1.2 MB/s and 1.5 MB/s. This performance was possible thanks to Satcom1 dual Swiftbroadband Channel Aggregation, backed-up by Acceleration technology on web browsing, which are one of the features of Satcom1 AvioIP software suite installed on the Router by eConnect™.

The Embraer’s Legacy 600 which achieved 1.5MB/s data speed with Satcom1 AvioIP suite Aggregation on SwiftBroadband, at ABS Jets facility in Prague, Czech Republic.

As Ivan Grigoriev, ALAMO’s engineer reports: “Acceleration was switched on for SwiftBroadband Channel 1, still on Background IP. Multiple speed tests were performed with the registered download speed between 900Kbps and 1200Kbps. After that, Channel 1 and Channel 2 were switched to X-stream with Aggregation, the high-end profile configured especially for the VIP on board. Multiple speed tests were performed with the registered download speed between 1200Kbps and 1500Kbps. I’ve never seen anything like that on SwiftBroadband before. Both crews witnessed that together with myself during round about one hour SATCOM session. This is indeed a spectacular performance.”

Then in reference to voice service performance, he adds – “Voice calls using passengers’ owned smartphones were successfully tested too, involving iPhone, Android-based and BlackBerry devices. Voice quality was good and stable during all performed phone calls. Simple smartphone configuration enables virtually any passenger’s owned smartphone to make voice calls in-flight in the same way as it is done on-ground”.

The Embraer’s Legacy 600 at ABS Jets in Prague, Czech Republic, May 2014

Francois Goudal, R&D Manager at Satcom1 explains: “Acceleration technology by XipLink incorporated in our software played a crucial role in achieving this result. The raw maximum speed on Aggregation of two channels is between 800kbps and 900kbps. By running Acceleration on any stream that can be compressed on top of that, you are able to boost data speed significantly. In this case, it has been almost doubled. It indeed will enable you to send and receive compressible data at much higher speed, which is something we always aim to achieve to address our VIP customer’s needs.”

Performed SATCOM system upgrade is covered by two EASA Approved modifications. Detailed description of these modifications is available on

Direct Links: (for Satcom upgrade) (for EMTEQ eConnect Router Upgrade).

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