Satcom1 confirmed as GX Aviation distribution partner for Honeywell

Satcom1 steps into the future by becoming an aviation service distribution partner for Inmarsat’s high-speed GX Ka-band satellite network.

NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition, Las Vegas 22nd of October 2013

Satcom1, the complete satellite airtime and in-flight solution provider for VVIP, business jets and Head-of-State aircraft, has entered an agreement with Honeywell, the exclusive hardware manufacturer and business aviation value added reseller of Inmarsat’s GX Ka-band service.

Satcom1 will provide new standards of bandwidth and aero connectivity solutions to the global business aviation market based on the future Inmarsat I-5 GX network by early 2015.

With GX Aviation onboard, business aircraft operators will be able to offer passengers high-speed, consistent broadband connectivity, seamless worldwide operation and applications that significantly improve the user experience compared to services available on the market today.

The full deployment of Inmarsat-5 constellation is on course, with its first satellite scheduled to be available to support a launch as early as December .

”Honeywell and Satcom1 will work together to offer business jet travelers the freedom to do everything from real-time social media, to video conferencing and multi-media presentation development while in flight virtually anywhere in the world, with a similar experience to the home or office,” said Mike Edmonds, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, Honeywell Aerospace. “Honeywell and Inmarsat’s high-speed Ka-band connectivity solutions will truly enable global broadband services, with predictable performance and unparalleled ease of use.”

”This is truly one of the most important milestones in Satcom1’s 10 year history,” says Karina Bergstrøm Larsen, CEO of Satcom1. “We have developed and delivered sophisticated and reliable airborne communication solutions to VVIP, business and government aircrafts around the world, based on the legendary Inmarsat Classic services, Swift64 and today’s highly regarded broadband service SwiftBroadband. By becoming a distributor of GX Aviation, Satcom1 will meet bandwidth demands from tomorrow’s aviation community. Satcom1 will continue developing and providing tailored in-flight communication, operations and entertainment solutions for the coming years as well. For this reason we have extended Satcom1’s R&D core test laboratory at Paris Le Bourget Airport with simulative high-speed Ka-band hardware to develop and test experience with our customers.” ended Mrs. Larsen.