Satcom1 secures first cockpit data and ACARS client

Following Satcom1’s new partnership with Honeywell Global Data Center (GDC) this summer, Satcom1 has captured its first GDC contract with an Airbus 319CJ VIP jet based in Moscow, Russia.

The deal means that Satcom1 will deliver the full circle of cockpit and cabin voice and data communication solutions to the aircraft. Pilots in the cockpit now have full access to Honeywell GDC’s services including world wide data link communications, ACARS, safety and flight support service, via Honeywell’s ground breaking iPad App.Top business aviators in the cabin will benefit from cutting edge voice and broadband internet connectivity solutions, ensured via multible Inmarsat SwiftBroadband and Swift64 channels aggregated thanks to Satcom1’s router application suite AvioIP.

“This agreement is significant in two ways,” says Satcom1 CEO Karina Bergstrøm Larsen “as it is a direct result of our strategy of expanding our offering from cabin to now cockpit data communication as well, but also as the deal is in one of the rising bizjet markets for the future: Russia.”